The City of Longmont, CO Partners with Lassy Project™ to protect kids and build safer community.

The City of Longmont, CO Partners with Lassy Project™ to protect kids and build safer community.

Lassy Project™ is making Longmont, CO safer for our kids and equipping residents with the tools they need to build a safer community and prevent child abductions.

Longmont, CO – Lassy Project™, a free smartphone app that helps to keep kids safe, and the City of Longmont including all city employees and the Department of Public Safety, which is comprised of Police, Fire, Communications Center & Office of Emergency Management, are partnering to give Longmont residents the peace of mind that their children can travel safely throughout the community.

Lassy Project™ is a free app that allows parents and guardians to build a network of trusted neighbors, friends and community members. Should a child ever go missing, the Lassy Project™ app provides parents the ability to press a button and mobilize their network or the larger community in seconds to form an instant search and rescue team. The City of Longmont has now made Lassy Project™ a standard app on their city issued phones and is encouraging the entire city staff to take the necessary steps to register and use the app.


On February 25, 2014, the Longmont City Council voted unanimous to back and support the Lassy Project™ and help grow the project in the Longmont community to keep their kids and residents safe.

During the week of May 5-9, 2014, the Lassy Project™ team have spoken with and trained the Longmont Police Officers on how to best utilize the app and encouraged the steps necessary to register the app on each of their phones.

On March 31, 2015, the Longmont City Council will read a proclamation declaring the month of April as Lassy Project Child Safety Month. In this collaborative project, the City of Longmont and Departments of Public Safety are helping to register as many members of the Longmont community as possible for Lassy Project™ – including parents, school officials, community members, first responders, and local businesses. The goal is to reach over10,000 Longmont residents and create the safest city in America. To register for Lassy Project™, simply download the free app for your iPhone or Droid, or visit

“Getting a message out in seconds to hundreds of individuals right near the area could make the difference between finding the child and not finding the child,” said John Guydon, Co-Founder of Lassy Project™. “We are honored to be supported by the City of Longmont and their Department of Public Safety and look forward to working with them in creating a Lassy-Safe city. We are grateful that Longmont has embraced this vision for their community.”

About the Lassy Project™

Lassy Project™ ( is a free smartphone app that allows parents and guardians the ability to notify an entire local community about their missing child in seconds. With the single push of a button that sends a text alert with the child’s picture and last known location, parents can mobilize a trusted group of family, friends and neighbors immediately to form an instant search and rescue team. This network of community members is the most important asset users have if a child goes missing. To help make Lassy Project™ successful and build a safer community, download the free app for your iPhone or Droid, or sign up at

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