Lassy Project is creating a new standard. We have developed a solution that allows parents to notify an entire local community about their missing child in seconds. Follow the instructions below to get started, and welcome to the Lassy Project.

A common misconception is that you must have a smartphone to utilize our free services. This is NOT true. Any person who has a cell phone with text messaging capability can receive notifications when a child goes missing in their area.


Simply go to to sign up for an account. You can sign up through your Facebook account, or manually.


If you have a smartphone, you can download the free Lassy Project app to your iPhone or Droid and login with the same information you entered on the website.


After you log in to your account, you are able to do several critical things:

  1. Grow and Manage Your Village
  2. Create and Manage Child Profiles
  3. Create and Escalate Alerts

Read below for details, or simply click on the links above to skip ahead to a particular section.


Your village is a hand-selected group of family, friends, neighbors and community members that will receive a notification should your child ever go missing. You can now grow your own personal village several ways:

1. Unique Link: Use the unique link provided on the Home page and send it to your contacts via text message, social media or email. When someone visits this link then signs up (or logs in) they will automatically be added to your personal village.



2. Facebook Messaging & Sharing: You can choose to send a private message to ask specific Facebook friends to join your personal village, or you may simply share Lassy Project on your public Facebook wall.



If you choose the private message option, your Facebook friends will be invited to join your personal village via your unique link. When they click on this link and set up their own Lassy Project account they will automatically join your personal village and you will be added to their village as well.

3. Friend Connections: This feature allows you to view other Facebook friends who have joined Lassy Project. You can quickly add these friends to your personal village with a single click. Friend connections can be found on the left-hand side of the home page. Please note that once you click on ‘Add to Your Village’, these friends will no longer appear in the left-side menu. They will then be viewable in your Villages section.

To manage your village and other villages you have joined, simply click on the ‘Villages’ button, located on the left-side menu.


From the ‘Children’ page, you can create and manage as many child profiles as needed. Upload your child’s photo and add vital information that will help others search for your child if necessary. These profiles can be updated at any time.


Should your child go missing, you can send an immediate alert to everyone in your village. From the ‘Escalate’ page select the missing child to get started.

Next,  set the child’s last known location by entering an address or dragging the map to the desired location, then click ‘SET LOCATION’.

On the next screen confirm the child details and , click “ESCALATE ALERT”. The alert will be sent via text message to your village. They will receive your child’s photo, last known location and vital information.  Pictured below is the the alert your personal village will receive.

By clicking on ‘Spread the Word’, villagers can quickly and easily post the open alert to their social media feeds to notify as many people as possible about your missing child. The more people who know your child is missing, the more likely they are to be found and returned home safely. Every second counts.

To close an open alert, log in to your account at where you can view all open alerts from any page. Once logged in you may view and close alerts to notify your friends, family and community members that your child has been found. As soon you close the alert, the child profile photo and data is no longer visible.

The Lassy Project is creating the world’s largest network of community members that are helping to prevent child abductions. Spread the word and help us build safer communities.

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